Ryan Merrifield

“I was referred to Steve through another recruiting office that I had been in touch with while I was working in Pittsburgh. From the start, it was about what I wanted to do and making sure that I was ultimately happy with my final decision. Steve was always available, day and night, whether via phone or text, and never hesitated to give me a straight and truthful response. I think in this line of business, it is very easy to sugarcoat things, so I truly respected Steve for being so upfront and honest. Steve performed his job with diligence and professionalism, and I am now happily employed in my new role. Not only did Steve go out of his way to make sure I ended up with what I wanted, he also made sure to get to know me. He took time out of his day to meet for lunch, where we spoke about our lives, as well as what I was interested in regarding a new job. It was nice for me to get to know Steve a little bit too, since he was the one searching for my next role. All in all, everything was handled with professionalism, and I am in a new role where I am incredibly happy because of Steve, and I can’t thank him enough.”