Roger Byrne

“I have been using Burchard & Associates routinely since 1999, when Steve first placed me, so I have had the benefit of seeing the business from an applicant perspective as well as from an employer perspective. What has struck me as unique about the organization is not just their firm grasp on the Finance & Accounting talent pool of St. Louis, and their deep long-standing Corporate relationships, but their focus on finding the right fit for the applicant and the employer. The folks at Burchard & Associates spend the extra time really getting to the know the talent that they’re placing, as well as getting to know the personality of the organization that is doing the hiring. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit for me when Steve first placed me, and I have used Burchard & Associates numerous times since, and have never been disappointed with the skillset or personalities of the hires that I have made through Burchard & Associates.”