Ben Vasquez

“From the very beginning, I always knew that when the time came to explore new career opportunities out of KPMG LLP, Steve Burchard was my guy. Fast-forward six years when it became clear to me that I was ready to make that change, I picked up the phone and gave Steve a call asking if he could meet me for lunch and discuss my ideas for the future. I had no idea at the time just how much that one call would change my life. Having spent most of my life in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area, I expressed to Steve a desire to take a chance in another city, a big city, a city on the coast where I could grow and prosper. Having known me for many years prior and being the knowledgeable professional that he is, Steve suggested that if I wanted the sort of career opportunities I was expressing, that if I really wanted to take my career in accounting to the next level, to look no further than the San Francisco Bay Area. Allured by the potential of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Steve put me in contact with his affiliates at the DeWinter Group (who were equally a pleasure and a joy to work with) and shortly thereafter I was reviewing job postings ranging from the biggest most well-known players in Tech to the smaller-scale but rapidly growing startups looking to take their companies public. It didn’t take long, shortly thereafter engaging the DeWinter Group I had my eyes set on the prize, an Accounting Manager position in the Controllership group of a legendary San Jose-based company that revolutionized online shopping as we know it today. Letting my experience speak for itself, after several rounds of interviews I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a dream come true for a young and aspiring accountant! And it all goes back to Steve Burchard. Steve, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, guided me, believed in me, and helped catapult my career to the next level…just like he promised. To anyone else out there looking to make a change in their accounting or finance careers or if you just need someone trustworthy you can bounce ideas off of, look no further than Steve Burchard.”