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How To Interview On The Sly

Securing a new job can feel like a feat unto itself, but interviewing for a job when you already have one can feel like a Herculean task at times. There’s a bit of a secret agent feel to it, and you might feel like you are metaphorically, or possibly […]

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How to Slay a Skype Interview


Video-call (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Technology has no doubt changed the world—even when it comes to the job search. The advent of the internet and social media has changed the name of the game when it comes to nabbing a new job. Candidates submit […]

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Job Hunting Tips for Grads

A crowd of college students at the 2007 Pittsb...

The beginning of summer is an exciting time for any student—including those graduating and looking to begin their careers. Resumes, cover letters, interviews for the Dream Job: All can elicit a […]

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What Are The Challenges Your CFO Might Be Facing

The C-Suite can be an intense place; “With great power comes great responsibility” has never been a truer statement. The individuals steering the company ship juggle many duties, the most important of which is ensuring the business doesn’t go under. Not a responsibility to skip out on! Without their […]

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How To Ask For A Promotion

Asking for a promotion can be a truly intimidating event. You know a promotion is deserved, you know you are qualified, and yet sitting down with a superior and arguing your case is a gigantic leap. It can be difficult to make yourself feel vulnerable, especially to higher-ups in […]

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CPA Exam Resources

Studying for a CPA exam is no small task. With the test lasting 14 hours, an immense amount of studying must be put in to test preparation in order to see passing results.

Because the task at hand is so large, it can be difficult to ensure you are studying the most comprehensive resources available. Are your study materials […]

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4 CPA Benefits

The decision to become a CPA can be a difficult one to make; the process toward earning a CPA license is of course known as being one of the more difficult professional pursuits. The certification test is no breeze, and the costs associated with earning the title can be […]

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How Many Hats Does Your CFO Wear?

Being a company’s CFO might come with the flashy title, but it also comes with significant responsibilities. Sure, every employee has their own key responsibilities (if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a reason to have them on payroll), but CFO responsibilities directly impact the success and continued success of […]

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Is Career Coaching For You

When it comes to big changes in your career, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. A lot of decisions come into play, and it can be difficult to see the full picture. Career coaching can be just what you are looking for. These trained professionals offer an unbiased opinion and work as a sounding board to help […]

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How to Squash Career Change Anxiety

Leaving one job for a new opportunity can be undeniably nerve-wracking. After all, it’s a big step to determine your career path needs to change its course. The decision to leave could be as easy as flipping a switch, or it could be a decision that takes some […]

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